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Custome Molded Rubber and Plastic, Acoustical Foam, Die Cut Gaskets, Form-in place Gasket, Water Jet Cutting Thermal - Sound Management and Vibration Isolation.

Rubber Concept (RC) Caters requirement of various industries by offering an array of premier grade Rubber and Polymer components since 1984.

Rubber Concept is professionally managed manufacturer and supplier of almost all kind of Rubber and Polymer products located in Rakhial, centrally located in Ahmedabad, an Industrial hub of Gujarat, in western part of India.

Technologists at Rubber Concept have developed various Rubber moulding products such as Dam Gate Seal, Rubber Gasket, Various types of Seals, Rubber Diaphragm, Rubber Grommets, O-rings and many other custom moulded components, as per customer requirement. Rubber Extrusion division manufactures various types of Rubber profiles, cord, tubes both from solid as well as sponge rubber. Rubber Concept specializes in supplying certain moulded and extrudate rubber products with single side adhesive.

With years of technical expertise in the field of Rubber Engineering, Rubber concept have developed various metal to rubber bonded components such as Rubber roller, Anti vibration mount, Rubber pulley, Seals, Gaskets, Mountings, Bushing etc. We specialize bonding various rubber to metal such as Stainless Steel (SS), Mild Steel (MS), Brass, Aluminium, Carbon Steel, Cast Iron etc. We also bond rubber to fabric to produce various kind of diaphragm.

To continuously meet the increasing demand of industry, Rubber Concept have developed more than 150 variety of rubber formulations from Silicone Rubber, Nitrile Rubber (NBR, Buna-N), Chloroprene (Neoprene) Rubber, FKM (Viton) Rubber, EPDM Rubber, Natural Rubber, Acrylic (ACM, Vamac) Rubber, CSM, ECO, HNBR, XNBR etc. Rubber Concept have developed different formulations for different application. Example, we have 20-odd formulations only for Silicone Rubber- different for Silicone rubber roller, silicone rubber sheet, silicone rubber grommet, silicone rubber gasket, silicone rubber bonded with metal, silicone solid profile, silicone rubber cord, tube, pipe, square section, silicone foam profile, silicone rubber for food processing application, silicone rubber for para medical application, FBD inflatable gasket etc.

To increase the foot print across the industry, Rubber Concept developed plastic division, where various plastic such as PTFE (Teflon), Polyurethane (PU), Polyacetal (Delrin), Nylon, HDPE, PC, Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) etc. Option of both injection moulding as well as fabrication is available.

Recently Rubber Concept introduced various foam products for acoustic insulation, thermal insulation, gasketing, and packaging application. We have in our store various types of foam such as Polyuretahne (PU), Nitrile, Crosslinked PE (XLPE). Such foams can be customized for various application of customer, be it fire retardancy or antistatic or single side adhesive for ease of assembly or any other specific requirement.

Combination of Technology Skills, Compounding Expertise, Process Focus and a Commitment to Long-term Customer Relationships earned Rubber Concept an extremely diversified customer base across various industries. Rubber concept cater wide range of polymer products to Engineering, Pumps and Motors, Printing, Packaging, Irrigation, Textile, Electrical, Automation, Food processing, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Cement, Construction etc.

Rubber Dam Gate Seal Manufacturer
Rubber Dam Gate Seal

We are manufacturer and supplier of Rubber Dam Gate Seals. These products are produced as per customer requirement.

Industrial Rubber Gasket Manufacturer
Industrial Rubber Gasket

We are leading manufacturer and supplier of Rubber Gasket in Ahmedabad.

Rubber Roller  Manufacturer
Rubber Roller

We are manufacturer and supplier of Rubber Roller. These products are produced as per customer requirement .

Rubber O Ring Manufacturer
Rubber O Ring

We are manufacturer and supplier of Rubber O Ring. These products are produced as per customer requirement.

Rubber Sheet Manufacturer
Rubber Sheet

We are manufacturer and supplier of Rubber Sheet. These products are produced as per customer requirement.

Custom Molded Rubber Parts Manufacturer
Custom Molded Rubber Parts

We are manufacturer and supplier of Custom Molded Rubber Parts. These products are produced as per customer requirement.

Moulded Rubber Comopnents Maufacturer
Moulded Rubber Comopnents

Our company manufactures and exports an extensive range of Rubber Moulding components. These products are designed to perfection and we manufacture them in compliance with the global quality standards. ...



Rubber Dam Gate Seals, Rubber Moulded Articles, Industrial Gasket.

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Our Engineering and Technical services include.

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