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Rubber Dam Gate Seal

Rubber Dam Gate Seal

Introduction :


Rubber Concept (RC) manufactures a wide range of rubber Seals for various Irrigation as well as Hydro power projects. These are designed to either retain water, prevent water penetration, or limit contaminated run off in civil engineering applications.

The inherent elasticity and resilience of RC Gate seals allow it to retain its sealing effectiveness in situations where there are fluctuating movements caused by water pressure, traffic, subsidence or seismic movement.

  • Radial Gates
  • Stop Log Gates
  • Under Sluice Gates
  • Automatic Tilting Gates
  • Draft Tube Gates
  • Desilting Service Gates
  • HR Gates
  • Vertical Lift Gates
  • Spill Way Gates
  • Swing Gates
  • Bulk Head Gates

and many more.


Compounds, based on following elastomers, are used for the manufacturing of Rubber Dam Gate Seals:

- Natural Rubber (As per IS: 11855 / IS: 15466)

- EPDM Rubber

- PolyChloroprene Rubber / Neoprene Rubber


Rubber Concept produces Dam gate seal by Moulding method, Quality of which is better than extruded seals. Pressurized curing during moulding ensures close dimensional control, superior physical properties, compact microstructures, thus improved durability and functionality.

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